"Ferox is the embodyment of all that is evil on NUMA."

Ferox is a mapper who has been on some very exciting adventures. The moody little fella is a pretty good mapper and takes his time, after years of mentoring by ZTHING and Martyr (well... since 2009). He has five featured maps , pretty damn ahh-some! He has been in a few adventures, but many more are to come...

Ferox's Adventures[]

Ferox's Twin Half-Brother[]

Ferox found out one day that he had a twin half-brother named Ferox due to an account generation glitch. Because Ferox was 20% longer than Ferox, Ferox had Ferox aborted post-birth by Southpaw.

Ferox's Detestable List[]

Ferox had two mappers on his disliked mappers list: Squibbles and Palemoon. They decided to create a collab. called "Ferox Hates Us." Because Ferox was new at the time, many had not heard of him and this earned him a reputation of unfriendliness. Squibbles protested the map saying that he thought it was nice that Ferox had put him on a list. Bufar and OutrightOJ then created another collab similar to the one made by Squibbles and Palemoon. Script then followed by creating a ded. map to Ferox about how cool his maps were. Squibbles later apologized and and is now friends with Ferox although Palemoon is rather indifferent. Ferox's list was soon after deleted.

Ferox's Pet Bot[]

A time came when NUMA was vandalized by "bots." Ferox, as a joke, created Dumbo_Bot. He later asked for Dumbo to be disabled. Dumbo, as you might expect, was crestfallen.

Ferox's Naughty Fives[]

One day, Ferox subbed a map for one of Miststalker06's contests and within one minute, received twenty-five rates of 5s. Only two people had commented at the time. Freaked out, Ferox reported this to Atob. The map was on hot maps for 24 hours. This followed with his next map, same incident. Atob grew suspicious of Ferox and warned him heavily. The next time Ferox subbed. a map and it received the 5s, Atob disable Ferox's account for two days until he and Ferox worked out an agreement. Although the anti-sniper was never caught, Ferox was proven innocent. Several snipes on various Ferox maps soon followed.

Ferox's BumBum Rescue[]

A long time after the initial Bum-Bum incident, Bumbummilktoffee returned and trashed the wikia with various obscene, profane, and disgusting images and words under various aliases such as Blue Waffle and ABDI_DANIEL_ALVAREZ. We know it was Bum-Bum from the fact that he gave himself credit on each page. Ferox was on at the time and was monitoring the activity feed while sending on links to R_T who posted them on the forums to raise awareness.

But many more tales of Ferox's adventures are yet to be told. As in, they haven't happened yet. To this day, his whereabouts are unknown but everyone knows he lurks in the shadows.

Alas, we wait...