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The Flag Fiasco was a powerful voting poll/debate between blue_tetris and the rest of the forums. (It is not to be confused with the fiasco that is Flag.)


I just realized that Scotland has its own flag here at the forums (on the user information bar to the left), but Texas (which has four times the population of Scotland) does not. Why do constituents of the UK get their own flags, but constituents of the US do not?

I am outraged, and demand flags for California, Texas, New York, New York City (which has double the population of Scotland), Wyoming, New Mexico, Arizona, Florida, and Maine.

A post in this thread is a signature on the petition to get some US state flags up! It's unconscionable that Australia gets its own flag around here, but the proud Californian ursine who represents roughly 50% more people than the nation of Australia is nowhere to be seen--its loyal fanbase pigeonholed into using a flag which does not specifically represent them.

This sparked a controversy of forum proportions, as people began to choose sides between having state flags or not. Many agreed and disagreed between such a powerful and moving decision. More and more suggestions were being led on to the forum flags, such as flags to the provinces of Canada, U.K., and elsewhere on our hemispheric sides. This lead to a battle of wits between sides, as the original thread can be found here:


This battle heated up and lead to a poll of sorts. Incredible debates heated up, including many other places from around the world and such. So much so, that at one moment, the poll thread just suddenly stopped, and another one was formed.


To this day, California and Texas have a flag, and so the idea was only margianlly implemented. And the rest was history.

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