flagmyidol is a mapper and reviewer, commonly known as "flag" or "fmi."


He submitted his first map to NUMA on 25th July 2006, which was generally received pretty well. However, after submitting Swirl on 3rd September 2006, he left.

On 30th June 2008, flag returned to the community, submitting his map Twisted to NUMA. He subsequently joined TheRealN forums on 13th November of the same year.

Although never regarded as an extraordinary mapmaker, flag has nevertheless established as a competent mapmaker, being accepted into MOA and releasing one mappack, entitled Axiomatic Insanity.


flagmyidol became a reviewer on 19th May 2009 after he, along with 7 others, had their applications accepted. Although his writing style was highly praised at first, some of his later reviews were criticised for not taking the process seriously, among other things.

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