Formica, also known on the Metanet Forums as The Daily Llama or Teedle, is a popular yet controversial member and mapmaker on NUMA.

Formica originally joined NUMA using the username "THE_DAILY_LLAMA" before eventually having his account swapped over by Arachnid. He has been a member since around map 4,800. Two of the 'significant' map numbers on NUMA have been taken by him: map 10,000 and map 6,666. Formica is also the creator of the popular DDAs Rocket-ed and Improbability drive (with the latter winning DDA of the Year at The Dronies of 2005). However, his most well-known map is arguably The Crazy Miner, a race map that won yet another Dronie category, Race Map of the Year.

Another one of Formica's accomplishments is the creation of The Epic, a series that won Series of the Year of The Dronies of 2005.

Atramentis' Fake Death Controversy[]

Formica was a co-conspirator of the Atramentis fake-death scandal which involved Formica making an emotional yet inevitably fake post which announced that the user 'Atramentis' had died in a traffic accident. Two years after this announcement, it was revealed that Atramentis was—in fact—very much alive. [1]