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"The bad news: these guys fire depleted uranium at super-sonic speeds. The good news: they can't move, and their targetting software is obsolete."

—(As written in the N in-game help).



The gauss turret is an effective enemy. Like the homing missile turret, it doesn't move. However, it has a tracking device that is visible to you in the form of a crosshair. The crosshair homes onto you when you are in its sight (in a manner same as the homing missile turret), and fires when you are in or near the crosshair. You can tell by the way the crosshair changes into a red colour, which means it will fire immediately. It'll be a good idea to get out of the way, since it fires depleted uranium that crosses distance instantly and kill you upon contact.

Multiples of these are absolute hell, as seen in 36-4: Gun Dream. Multiples of these in difficult terrain is even harder again, like in 25-4: Slippery Slope or 81-1: Errored Screen by Edziu_Kosiara. Oftentimes, a single gauss turret is placed to overlook an entire area, making the area completely unsafe and difficult to traverse, for example on 46-0: Glutny and 52-2: Pillory (also partially due to difficult terrain involving mass bounceblocks). And in 29-0: Crossfire, you may find it hard to keep track of multiple turrets at completely different positions, and with different crosshairs. It's easy to keep track of four turrets near each other, but four spread out over a large area where there is nowhere to hide is harder. When these show up, you need to be on your toes as they are always a threat.

  • 46-0: Glutny

To avoid gauss turrets, keep moving. Fast. Don't stop moving. Don't run directly at them unless you are very confident you can move out of the way. They tend to fire a bit in front of you to catch you on the move, so if you need to, stand still when the crosshair turns red while it doesn't seem to be directly at you. And be wary of one shooting from below you while you are walljumping. The moment you reach a corner, they fire, making this a very difficult situation indeed.

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