George (AKA mc_george) as of 25 October 2012, is an active, global mod of the Metanet Forums and a notable, yet inactive mapmaker and highscorer. He lists his hobbies as N, sport, anime, video games, reading, chess, pretty much anything and everything. Although he still holds a few Metanet highscores, including a couple of ex-0ths, notably on 89-3 and 89-4, he was better known for his NUMA runs which were usually very quick and clean. Because of his highscoring ability, he was promoted to runner-up behind johnny_faneca for the 2006 player of the year at The Dronies, after L3X admitted to cheating. George has 151 maps on NUMA which can be found here , including one featured map which can be found here .

Highscores Statistics for mc_george as of 25 October 2012:

Number of 0ths: 0

Number of top-20 highscores: 33 (ranked #46)