Supposed to be spelled Gogiga_Gagagigo. Gogiga (also known as Shadoweyes on the forums) was a multi-accounter, rating his own maps over and over with accounts that he owned. Gogiga got banned and appeared on the NUMA frontpage. After an excuse-like post on the Metanet Forums, Gogiga came back online at NUMA. 3 of Gogigas more poular works called 'Mine Dodger', '48,7 Seconds Before The Drone Train Comes!' and 'The Museum With The Gigantic Gem!' lives on the N-Game User Levels section. You can find Gogiga's maps at [[1]]

Gogiga stopped posting maps after the last level made by him called 'Jammer'. He is not (and I think he'll ever be) active on the metanet forums or at NUMA at this moment.

Some sources:

The Apology: [[2]]

Post where Arachnid enables Gogiga's account after his ban: [[3]]

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