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golfkid (23 March 2014)


Ranking Spot Score
0th Rankings
Top-20 Rankings
Lvl 0th Rankings
Ep 0th Rankings
Total Lvl Score
Total Points
9 0ths
598 Scores
6 0ths
3 0ths
6823 Points
Personal Bests
• 20 0ths (08/Nov/2010)
• 598 Top-20 Scores (26/Aug/2013)

Other Achievements
• 11th highscorer to reach 70000 Level Score
• 6th highscorer to reach 71000 Level Score
• First 0th: 63-3 on 24/Mar/08
• First Highscore: 82-0 in 2007
• Completed NReality on 11/Apr/08
• Reached 100 Top-20 Scores on 14/Dec/08
• Reached 300 Top-20 Scores on 09/Nov/09
• Reached 400 Top-20 Scores on 02/Dec/11
• Reached 500 Top-20 Scores on 03/Apr/12

Golfkid, (or simply golf for short), is an active highscorer and very occasional mapper. He first played N 1.4 in 2006 and began highscoring in 2007. As of 4 November 2013, he has 598 of them, ranked 2nd and one of the all-time highest amounts ever reached. He has also owned 0ths for over four years, including current 16 0ths, ranked 6th on the Metanet 0th Rankings. Golfkid also recently reached 71000 seconds of Total Level Score, becoming the 6th highscorer ever to do so.

On 24 March 2008, golfkid took his first ever Metanet 0th on 63-3, and kept highscoring and increasing his 0th count until peaking at 20 0ths on 8 November 2010, and since then he always maintained a similar number of 0ths.

On 14 December 2008, golfkid reached 100 top-20 scores and less than a year later on 9 November 2009, he had already reached 300 top-20 scores, half of all possible top-20 scores.

On 2 December 2011, golfkid resumed his highscoring activity, and was quickly increasing his top-20 score count and his Total Level Score, and soon reached 400 top-20 scores.

On 30 December 2011, golfkid became the 11th player to ever achieve 70000 seconds of Total Level Score.

On 3 April 2012, golfkid reached the milestone 500 top-20 scores.

On 29 September 2012, after highscoring fairly consistently during the year, golfkid became the 6th highscorer ever to reach 71000 seconds of Total Level Score, and also reached all 100 episode top-20 scores. Thanks to this, he also peaked at 598 top-20 scores, standing 1st on the rankings at the time, and by 27 February 2013, was actually tied for 0th position when EddyMataGallos temporarily lost his 90-3 top-20 score, to be tied up with 598 top-20 scores apiece.

Golfkid is a prominent figure within the highscoring community; contributing to innovations, highscoring information and highscore runs, as well as broadcasting the first known live stream of a highscoring attempt, which was conducted on Twitch. An archived video of his debut stream on episode 81 can be found here .

He is known for his endurance when taking 0ths and highscoring episodes, as well as his expert skill. According to ska's list of most influential N players of all time, golfkid was ranked 12th.