Guitar_Hero_Matt was an active member on NUMA, the forums and IRC. He is most commonly known as "GTM", but has also been called "GHM", and "MattKestrel". He and Drathmoore are friends outside of N.


GTM joined the community in August 2008, creating his first map on 11th of that month. By the end of the year, his maps had developed to a great extent and by the end of the year he had one feature, reviewer status and a growing reputation.

In February 2009 he gained another feature, despite claims that his maps were becoming generic.

He released a 10-map mappack entitled "Best of GTM pack" on 6th September 2008, which was followed up by "The Best of GTM" on 8th November 2008, composed of 12 maps from NUMA. The following month he released his infamous Arborist's Edition, complete with Arborist's notes. Many criticised the maps for being too repetitive with not enough variation. After taking in this criticism, GTM added another 25 maps and edited the previous maps to form Arborist's Epilogue, which he released on June 9th, over half a year later.

He cites astheoceansblue as a major inspiration for many of his maps. Sadly, GTM has recently dropped off the NUMA radar, only having submitted 15 maps since the start of 2010.


GTM is one of the longest serving reviewers, having been appointed before in late 2008. Due to his consistency, he was twice chosen by Southpaw to judge new candidates for reviewership.

The Forums[]

GTM has the highest post count on the forums at over 1450. Some of his activities include:

  • Two webcomics, one made on his own and one made with Drathmoore
  • A sig shop
  • Running the Featured Maps Queue
  • A list of statistics relating to featured maps
  • Original co-founder of the NNewsNetwork with ChrisE (which he later resigned from)
  • The Standard Titles List

Guitar_Hero_Matt changed his forum username from GTM to MattKestrel on Nation Username Change Day.

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