Hendor is a semi-active Canadian highscorer who came onto the scene in September 2006. He rose up the ranks rapidly and entered the top ten half of the top-20 highscores table early in January 2007, during which time Hendor also won Elimination, a highscoring contest held by ska over 2006/2007. In September 2007, he reached a peak of 598 highscores, tying Mr_Lim to have the most top-20 highscores. The two levels he did not get at the time were 92-4 and 59-0; the former was thought close to impossible, and the latter actually being so. Years later, Hendor finally scored on 92-4 but did not ever achieve 599 top-20s.

Shortly after, he stopped highscoring Metanet levels but was still active on the forums, running the Blur highscoring contest in early 2008 and speedrunning using Unreality's NReality. In early January 2008, Hendor won the Zenith Legacy contest, completing all 300 Zenith levels less than 8 hours after they were released. He beat out lord_day by just 11 seconds.

He is known for making brief comebacks, the latest of which occurred in September 2014 when he resumed collecting highscores and even took a couple of 0ths, including the major route change on 62-2. As of December 2022, Hendor has 590 top-20s (ranked 3rd) and one 0th (on episode 75). During this time, he also accrued over 71,000 seconds of Total Level Score; he is only the eighth player to do so.

Hendor was last active playing maps on NUMA; he has frequently competed with other highscorers using NReality. While never being renowned as a mapmaker, he had one map, "Sandstorm", which was accepted into the PSP version of N+ through Metanet's SUBLiME contest.

He was ranked 4th on ska's list of most influential N players of all time.