Drone Mod Refrence List[]

The standard code for a drone is: 6^x,y,path,specialType,droneType,direction

Type of Drone Change specialType and droneType to:
Zap Drone 0,0
Seeker Drone 1,?¹
Laser Drone 0,1
Rotating Laser Drone 1,1
Chaingun Drone 0,2
Drone (glitched/eye drone) 0,9(not really helpful)
Force Field Drone 0,16
Ghost Drone 0,101
or 0,102
or 0,103
Rocky Drone 0,121
Tile Drone 0,122
Drone(2) 0,131(not really helpful)
Alarm Drone 0,132
Greedy Drone 0,141
Text Drone 0,201

¹(adding this onto most drones, results in a drone that chases the ninja)