The correct title of this article is iangb. The initial letter is shown capitalized due to technical restrictions.

Formerly known as ianb, iangb is an N veteran. He made a few adequete maps on NUMA, and is a moderator of the Metanet Forums.

iangb has accomplished many things in his N career. He was 11th to beat Nv1.4 out of everyone in the world. He was also the inventor of hold-left DDAs and "a demo does everything" DDA. Also, he got into PC Gamer magazine for one of his maps on NUMA, the light fantastic. Finally, he was the first to beat the Legacy level pack. He completed it in about 22 hours; under a day! He won a ded map and a sig. His ded map is Golden Boy.

Because of his accomplishment with The Legacy, iangb was able to participate in The Legacy Team's next project: an expansion to their level pack. This pack has been released.