The name "incluye" should never be capitalized, but owing to Wikia restrictions it appears capitalized as the title of this page.

incluye was a fairly popular DDA author throughout much of 2008 and some of early 2009. His innovative KRADDA, "Chase. ", won the 2008 Dronie award for DDA of the Year, and his other DDAs were acclaimed at varying levels, bringing in as much as 120 votes and as few as 17. In recent times he has stopped creating DDAs altogether and has turned to mostly action maps, including one which lost spectacularly in the Linear Map Competition 3. He was also a signature artist for a large part of his membership on the forums, and has since begun to participate in imaging again: most notably in SOTW IV, and in his development of Retronet, a forum skin for the forums.

He frequents IRC somewhat religiously and can periodically be found on Ventrilo.

He is now called otters on the forums and IRC. No idea why.