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'''Innuendonewb''' is a highscorer. Joining the forums on June 28, 2011, innuendonewb's first social interaction with the community was to sign up for a competition called Holy Grail, which was hosted by ska. It wasn't until 2015 that innuendonewb began to make a serious impression on the Metanet and NReality expansion highscores board as well as on the Total Game Score boards. As of 5 December 2015, Innuendonewb has a total of 710 'legit mode' highscores, including 69 top-20 highscores on the official Metanet highscores boards (ranked #26). Additionally, he is ranked #16 on the Total Level Score Rankings with 68478.925, and ranked #12 on the Total Episode Score Rankings with 30979.600.

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