Inspired (aka BE_nSPIRED, nDEAVOUR, Nspired, or personally as Andrew) is an N mapper from New Zealand. He joined the N community in 2008 and has been seen sporadically on the Metanet Forums, NUMA, and N v2.0 since then. He originally made his name on NUMA with Tilesets and N-Art maps, including the well-received Dragon Tale tileset trio. In later years he began to create more playable maps, contributing to a number of successful collaborations with Aidiera, ChrisE, and Flagmyidol among others.

At the end of 2009, Inspired participated in Blur Season Three and successfully won in the Amateur Speed Final.

In 2011, Inspired and romaniac had a brief meet-up in real life, working security together at the Parachute Music Festival in Hamilton, New Zealand.

Inspired is currently taking a leave of absence from the community to focus on his university studies, although still contributes highscores to userlevels on N v2.0.