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Inspired (aka BE_nSPIRED, nDEAVOUR, Nspired, or personally as Andrew) is an N mapper from New Zealand. He joined the N community in 2008 and has been seen sporadically on the Metanet Forums, NUMA, and N v2.0 since then. He originally made his name on NUMA with Tilesets and N-Art maps, including the well-received Dragon Tale tileset trio. In later years he began to create more playable maps, contributing to a number of successful collaborations with Aidiera, ChrisE, and Flagmyidol among others.

In 2011, Inspired and romaniac had a brief meet-up in real life, working security together at the Parachute Music Festival in Hamilton, New Zealand.

Inspired is currently taking a leave of absence from the community to focus on his university studies, although still contributes highscores to userlevels on N v2.0.

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