Izzy is a speedrunner/highscorer and occasional mapper who frequents NUMA, the forums and IRC.

In the Community[]

He spent a few months on NUMA making below-average maps until he joined the forums in May of 2007. He is now an active member of the commmunity and occasionally makes signatures for members when he is "in the mood". Izzy can now be found regularly on the IRC on channels #n and #N-Highscores. He is best known in the Metanet community for his images and his speedruns and highscores.


Izzy is, as of 20 January 2013, the 2nd place NReality top-20 speedrunner, only topped by xaelar in 1st and OutrightOJ in 0th place. He has almost never taken a speedrun 0th using the conventional route. He usually relies on innovations, such as 92-2 and 126-2 with the latter example being bested. Izzy may be best known as a highscorer for his single-key chimneying, as can be seen on this map, as well as his use of innovations to take highscores. On 4 October 2009, Izzy gained his first Metanet Highscore 0th on 38-2 , a 0th currently held by EddyMataGallos. As of December 2015, Izzy holds one 0th on 59-1.

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