jp27ace is an active highscorer that made his first appearance during February 2012, but started becoming more active during April 2012 onwards. For several months he posted a plethora of scores in both highscores and speedrun mode, mostly on the NReality expansion levels. He was even able to take a couple of Metanet 0ths, and continued to make a handful of impressive runs. Nothing else was known about this then mysterious player until 13 September, 2012, when he, just like danielr and macrohenry before him, joined the forums after making his mark on the highscore boards; thus, revealing himself to the community at large. He is well known for his competitiveness and cleanliness, including a trifecta of corner jumps successfully executed to take the 55-0 0th (which has since been taken by macrohenry). Half of his 0ths are tied; his five untied 0ths (as of 18 May 2020) include 16-4, 39-4, 72-4, 81-3 and episode 90.

Highscore statistics for jp27ace as of 18 May 2020:

Number of 0th: 10 (ranked #3)

Number of top-20 highscores: 186 (ranked #15)