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The Kablizzy Fiasco was a conspiratorial event on the Metanet Forums which occurred in conjunction with administrator Keron Cyst's Forum Surprise 2005, which was a revamp of the forum's skin. Keron Cyst had been working on the N-styled skin for months, and planned to completely replace all of the old, IPB-standard images on New Year's Day, and he told Kablizzy alone of this event, highly suggesting to him that he keep quiet about it. Then, through PMs and AIM, the two concocted the devious plan of tricking the public regarding their clash over leakage of the skin. Kablizzy PMed Cyst fragments of messages to post in a public thread regarding the secret, mainly criticizing Cyst for his paranoia over the whole thing, and swearing far more than usual, thus leading some members to suspect it was fake. However, he continued to play along with it while he was supposedly "suspended," and he gave insulting responses to Cyst when various people asked him of it all. Although the staff eventually caught onto the act, the staff had a blast watching more gullible members post their condolences over the event as Keron Cyst soon after applied the first, crude version of his manually Painted skin into the forum. Kablizzy reentered the board shortly afterwards.


  • The first notion of a Kablizzy fiasco came from Keron Cyst's well-known paranoia in seriously considering temporarily suspending Kablizzy from the forums over a knowledge leak in the surprise.
  • As a part of the play, Cyst actually suspended Kablizzy (partially upon request, as Kablizzy wanted to see what the "suspended" page looked like), but only for a day when publicly it was told to be for half a month.
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