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Keron Cyst (kee-rôn sist) was the founder and first administrator of the Metanet Forums, a musician from California, USA, with extensive knowledge of Forumer-hosted IPBs, along with rudimentary HTML capability. It is with this skill that he performed minor tweaks to the board's HTML code, usually with catastrophic consequences that had to be resolved by more adept coders.

Keron Cyst created the original Metanet forums on Apr 2, 2004, at 04:35 PM PST. After finding N in the previous month on the now-deceased GameHippo archive of freeware games, he emailed Mare Sheppard regarding the creation of a forum to gather a community.

He thus formed it under her approval and supervision, and served as its main admin until 2008, during which he:

  • manually designed its first custom forum skin;
  • regained access to the forum from two separate hackers through his own manually constructed, covert, anti-hack, self-activating secret-admin program;
  • led a glorious but failed rebellion against a digital invasion of Ponies led by the majority of the rest of the board's staff through a word game;
  • and ultimately resigned after his own staff deemed him too controversial as a staff member.

He had created the board's Metanembers user group to encourage good behavior.

Cyst is not known for mapping and has only created a handful of levels for N. His works tend to be odd or diabolically difficult, only a couple of which he himself has ever beaten. The original N's first column of levels was the only column he could ever fully complete.

However, Cyst was a well-known modder in the former Stick Soldiers community, from 2004 to 2007, as well as a former mapping critic and bot-waypointer in the Soldat community.

Contact DetailsEdit

"... the strangest admin... ever known." -Twistkill

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