'Cucumber_boy, or: "'The artist formerly known as kkstrong" is an active member of the Forums, NUMA, IRC, and Vent who has been universally and unequivocally dubbed as infamous and two-time dronie winner. Being a victim of "The BumBum Scandal", he has had his ups and downs in the community, but has always played a big role in the community itself. He is one of the oldest active members in the community who still plays N on a regular basis. He has fallen in love with the highscoring community, and runs his own channel on IRC devoted to highscoring itself which is called #n-highscores. He has been known to speak his mind, however rudely it comes out. Some respect him for this; others cower into corners, sucking their thumbs, and eating Cheerios, an important part of a healthy breakfast for highscorers.

Another key thing about kkstrong is that for a long time now, he has been making a mappack, and submitting the maps to NUMA. This is why he orders his maps into episodes, however, he will likely reorder the maps for continuity before he ever releases the maps in any sort of mappack.

kkstrong has been a member of several large projects in his time with the Metanet community, and many smaller projects as well. It is not uncommon for him to run a contest, start a group or thread, or become involved in other people's works. At any given time, he is likely working on two or more large projects, and dozens of smaller projects to help further the community. kkstrong tries his best to make sure he is involved in various projects so as to make the community better in any way possible.

One of kkstrong's largest and most successful projects he has ever worked on is his fan program for NReality called ModMaster and won fan program of the year at the 2009 Dronies. He intends to continue making edits to the program for an indefinite period of time, so make sure you all check it out.

Currently, kkstrong is a member of the mod list, co-heading up the NReality forum with its creator, Unreality. He is a general expert on the subject of NReality, so if anybody has questions, get a hold of him, and he will likely be able to help you or lead you into the right direction. kkstrong was also the runner-up behind xaelar on the highscoring contest Elimination 2 hosted by ska.

Highscores statistics for kkstrong as of October 14 2012:

Number of 0ths: 0

Number of top-20 highscores: 25 (ranked #52)