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KKstrong0 is an active member of the forums, and got his fame from being the victim of the BumBum Scandal. He has a total of 2477 posts, and is in the Legacy Elite group. Another noteworthy thing about him, is that he has incredibly poor typing, and often has to correct himself a number of times, as well as being a top highscorer, but has been known to spam the forums occasionally. He has been known to state his mind, however rudely it comes out. Some respect him for this; others cower into corners, sucking their thumbs, and eating Cheerios, part of a healthy breakfast. He Mr.Miyagi's other users who challenge his to highscoring challenging. Lately, or not so lately in fact, he's been working on a giant mappack, which he hopes reaches 1000 levels. The mappack certainly displays his style of contemporary-ism-ness.

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