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kryX-orange (also known as kryXy-bear or kryX for short) is a highscorer and speedrunner who is well known due to a cheating accusation in early 2006. He also used the pseudonym "ANGERFIST" for a few of his highscores before revealing it was actually him and that these runs were cheated, along with many of his runs under the name kryX-orange.

In version 1.3Edit

Back in the early days of N, kryX-orange took a few 0ths, then left. He returned around the ninth edition of the highscore rankings and worked his way up to third before disappearing once more.

In version 1.4Edit

In early 2006, kryX-orange reappeared out of nowhere to claim a spot in the highscore rankings. He exploded with a whole load of highly impressive runs including a 2.2 second lead on 53-0 and an infamous 90-3 run which topped even naem's run, previously thought humanly impossible to beat. Because of this, he was suspected of cheating. He claimed he was innocent for several weeks, but then admitted that he had cheated on some levels. He has asked for his highscores to be erased.

In NRealityEdit

It is important to note that kryX proved his skill by taking a lot of speedrun 0ths in NReality which uses speedhack detection to validate his runs. He currently holds the most speedrun 0ths in N.

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