L3X is a disgraced semi-active highscorer, who was known for his innovations and perceived skill. He held the 3rd most Top 20s at one point, as well as many 0ths, having peaked at around 64 0ths. On November 22, 2007, after a period of limited activity, he announced that he had cheated many runs:

"I should however confess - i haven't been totally honest here. Allot of my runs are cheated, including some of the ones on Unrealities server...I should also say before I dissapear for a while, that my chimneying WAS, IS, and ALWAYS will be legitimate. I pride myself on it, my favorite legitimate run of mine is my 2-1, which i have never been tempted to touch up and improve."

L3X's confession did not go down well, especially with the many players who trusted his runs as being legitimate and defended their integrity. L3X periodically makes random posts after many months of inactivity, usually to announce a new 0th he has obtained illegitimately. He is also the only player to publicly announce that he cheated runs on NReality during an early version of NReality; consequently, any runs submitted using this version are marked with a period (.) to emphasize the possibility that the run might be cheated. As a result of his exploits, all of his scores were removed from the NReality boards.

During his time playing, he was often on the N IRC. He made a few maps as well. They are mainly speed-focused, and were specifically designed for highscorers. L3X made a return to N++ under the name Lex. It is presumed that his runs in this game are, in fact, legitimate, especially because of the addition of speedhack detection that the game implemented.

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