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LOCKDOWN was a 40-day highscoring competition run by ska during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. The competition took place from 25 March 2020 to 7 May 2020 using the N++ Discord. It was won by the reigning 1.4 grandmaster, EddyMataGallos. The runner-up was Oxymoron93. A complete list of the official results can be found here. Ska himself took place in the contest, but he only submitted a couple of runs due to work and running the competition.

The contest was inspired due to much of the world being forced into self-isolation due to COVID-19. Because of the lockdown, ska wanted to start a lighthearted contest to capitalise on the increased amount of downtime that many players now had.

Unlike other competitions, LOCKDOWN was unique in that players could compete on N 1.4, Nv2, and N++, and they could submit their scores from any console or PC (so long as it was still a 0th or top-10/top-20 on the PC version). Due to the cross-platform dominance of EddyMataGallos, Eddy's total was set to 50% of his total score in order to level the playing field before the contest started. As it turned out, this handicap meant that the final standings were very close, with Oxy's runner-up score of 9,870 points being 95% of Eddy's handicapped total of 10,350.

Had macrohenry (who wasn't competing in the competition) had his scores counted as an entrant, Oxy would have actually won, primarily thanks to macro taking some of Eddy's 0ths that he had taken towards the end of the competition. However, the rules clearly stated from the outset that outside submissions were not included in the points tally.

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