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Leaff is a mapper and ex-reviewer. He is well known for his friendliness, enthusiasm for collabs and excellent music taste. He has three featured maps.

Leaff Edit

According to Leaff, his name arises from an amusing spelling mistake.

Leaff created his new account in early 2009, posting his first map on 30th April that year. Having already established himself as a popular playtester, Leaff soon became known as a good collaboration partner as well, working with many authors including Riobe, PALEMOON and maxson924. His love of collaborations and dudes on IRC led to him creating a mini map packwith aphex_n; released on 29/9/2009. Leaff and Aphex are currently working on a second map pack which will be larger than the first.

On 23rd July 2009, Leaff initiated a series on animal-themed maps with his map RAWR IT'S A LION >:3. This was promptly followed by over 10 other maps, including one more map by Leaff himself.

Leaff became a reviewer on 8th August 2009 after successfully passing the application process. The first map he featured was Evil_Armada by PALEMOON.

Leaff is also an active forum member and can often be found in both #N and #N-Highscores.

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