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Lifdoff is a 20-year-old mapper, casual highscorer and reviewer hailing from Germany. He is known for his high-quality maps on NUMA. After joining NUMA under the name linkit27 in 2008 and a subsequent 5-year hiatus, he started playing N again in October 2014. He came to the mapping scene in mid-November 2014, and he quickly gained fame by making critically acclaimed maps shortly after his arrival. While lifdoff mostly focuses on tile-jumpers and action maps, he has also made a foray into puzzles. He has also collaborated with other prominent mappers of the scene.

In April 2015, after two months of mapping, he published a mappack titled COUNTDOWN that consists of 10 episodes (50 maps). It has received critical acclaim and has also been uploaded to NUMA.

He has also made some maps on Livestream, which can be checked out here.

He has two featured maps, Electric Rain and Concrete.

He also sometimes highscores Metanet levels and holds over 30 Top 20's, though no 0ths.

lifdoff's NUMA profile can found here

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