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Lolzers[edit | edit source]

Lolzers is a relatively new, but inactive member - He joined on the last day of 2008. He likes to post in F&G most. He has his own website, but is rather dead at the moment. He has 72 posts, as of 4 June 2009.

Maps[edit | edit source]

At the moment he doesn't make maps on NUMA anymore. He has a total of 8 maps, the last one being submitted on the 12th January 2009. One map has been rated, unfortunately just a 2, due to heavily clustered mines, and gold, but his maps started to improve well after. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to take his mapping courier further.

IRC[edit | edit source]

lolzers doesn't frequent the IRC yet.

Webcomic[edit | edit source]

lolzers has created a webcomic, which received lots of criticism, but is improving now.

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