The Heart Of The Machines 2: The Engine Room

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One of the most admired of the 2006 members, lord_day has proven that his map making skills are among the best in the N community.

In the dronies 2006, he was voted second best map maker of the year, just behind Barabajagal and just in front of Clifty. He also made the map judged third best survival called Society . One of his greatest maps, The Heart Of The Machines: The Engine Room (left) is possibly one of the greatest DDA's in N history. Lasting for roughly 30 seconds, the rocket fired follows the ninja throughout the map taking some very tight and clever routes through the tiles.

Always kind and giving to his fellow players, lord_day is also to be found cruising the forum helping new guys and veterans alike.

He won the dronie for best mapmaker in 2008, and the dronie for most innovative use of objects and tiles in 2011.

Lord_Day also goes by the nickname "worm", everyone calls him that - legend has it that apparently the nickname came from his ability to wriggle himself out of tight situations, such as getting away with raiding the year 9 dorm room when he was in year 12.

He likes maths so much that he did a PhD in it.

Level Packs[]

He has been involved in the following 13 packs