A popular mapmaker, He is well-known for his map that was included in N 1.4 as 86-3, called Pressed for Time. He has been dubbed the puzzlemaster, meaning he can make them insanely hard, and also complete them. A few (of the numerous) great maps Lucidium has made are Compartment (which won The Dronies of 2005 in the category of Most Innovative Use of Object or Tiles), Fluid Dynamics, Valves, the insanely hard Tenacious, Rocks and Hard Places, X-rays which utilises an obscure Laser drone bug, and the list goes on.

At one point, Lucidium had rated the highest number of maps on NUMA. Some people—most notably, ska—consider his final map, Halftone, to be his signature level (excluding Pressed for Time), with its distinct jumper, Metanet styling and trademark Lucidium difficulty without compromising the flow of the level.

Lucidium won another Dronie in 2005 not for a map he created, but for a program he created called N Poser. For this he won the category of Fan Programme of the Year.

On June 5, 2006, Lucidium was revealed by The Legacy Team to be their second-newest addition. He is now the seventh member of this illustrious outfit. Lucidium retired from submitting maps to NUMA in January 2006, but his maps have since inspired countless other authors, including stepself, ska, MyCheezKilledYours and many more.

Also, Lucidium won second place in the Legacy: Origins contest, winning a ded map and sig. His ded map can be found here: Latin Silver Is Worth Double.

Lucidium is one of the sysops on this wiki