Mahi_mahi is a mapmaker on NUMA. He is often goes by Mustardude, especially within the Moa community.

Mapping Career[]

Mahi_mahi first began making maps eerily similar to that of Mustardude. Several users, including Lightning55 suspected him of being a multi-accounter. However,users like Brttrx and Blackson defended his case.

Slowly Mahi_mahi began evolving into a style of small, closed in chamber-ish maps self-proclaimed 'mahi classic'. This is most numerous map style in his archive so far.

Later, he began to create maps he says were similar to Mekkah's, including his featured map, Kiev. As time passed, Mahi_mahi made a few maps that were generally recieved as ordinary and generic by his peers.

His most recent style of maps are called 'mahic4ve' (Mahi Cave). These maps are thought to be heavily based off of RadiumFalcon, due to their large spaces and multiple objects. These are considered to be the the most difficult maps in his archive.


Mahi_mahi has created two map-packs, all submitted on TheRealN Forums. His first one, called Unbaked Putto [1] was a map-pack consisting of 16 polished mahi classic maps. However, these maps were criticized by many people, and did not gain much sucess. The second mappack, called The Inner Workings [2] was advertised more efficiently on NUMA. This mappack consisted of about 18 maps which were a combination of mahiclassic and mahic4ve. This mappack was thought to be more succesful, and several were submitted to NUMA.    The third mappack, called CONSTRUCTION[3] is a teaser pack.  The mappack consists of maps made only of E tiles, and contained 27 maps, going in alphabetical order, with the last map being a bonus.  This was praised rather highly, with emphasis on nevershine.  He was thought as the packs 'number one fan'.

Mahi_mahi is rumored to be working on a map-pack consisting from 20 - 30 maps, called Polit Bureau 


Mahi_mahi has collaborated with few people. His most numerous collaboration partner is RadiumFalcon, but also has collaborated with furry_ant, flagmyidol, Meatpuppet, and spudzalot. Mahi_mahi is open to collabs.

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