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Don't create articles about yourself.

If you're notable enough to warrant an article, someone else will create it.

Wanted articles (More wanted articles...)

  • LancerO
  • The-Riot
  • Dejablue
  • 89-1

Wanted reviews

  • (none)


  • Transfer NEHS and NEHT information to our level and episode articles.
  • Add screenshots, walkthroughs, and additional information to our level articles.
  • Add redirects for level names to their numbers for episodes 76–99.
  • Wikify existing pages - add wiki links to relevant articles.
  • Help out the orphans! Add links to these pages on appropriate articles.
  • Help us establish a new category system.
  • We need quantity - level and episode articles, walkthroughs, players, hints and tips.
  • In addition to NEHS information, users can write their own level completion tips.
  • Update new or revised articles and news.