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Welcome to N at Wikicities! This site hopes to be a collection of information on the Metanet Software game N, and anyone can add to it.

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  • What N is.
    • Basic info about the game. Like what type of game it is and how it was made.
    • Info about how episodes work, how many of them there are, and a mention of unlockables. Link to an Episodes page.
    • Mention of Ned.
    • Links to other N sites?
  • Details
  • Community
    • NUMA: Short for N User Map Archive, this is a site where people submit their homemade maps for others to download and rate. [NUMA]
    • Forums: Official metanet forums for discussion of N and other stuff. [Metanet forums]
    • Other sites: Check out N-vision, hosted by trib4lmaniac [N-vision]

Ned / Userlevels

  • What Ned is (short description).
  • Mapmaking
    • Some basic information about mapmaking, mentioning the many different types of map we've come up with.
    • A link to a basic hints and tips page (for newbies). (Basic nediting)
    • A link to an advanced hints and tips page. (Advanced nediting)
    • A link to a code editing hints and tips page.


  • What NUMA is (short description, credit Arachnid).
    • Something about
    • Map categories. Link to a page to about the categories, which explains what they mean. Links to more detailed pages, especially for DDAs, to offer advice.
    • Voting, and how it works.
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