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mam, or mammaletto on NUMA is a semi-active, veteran, Scottish Mapmaker/NUMA Highscorer. His first map was submitted in August 2006, although he had completed N 1.3 prior to the release of N 1.4 in May 2005 and lurked on NUMA. He has completed v1.4 close to ten times due to .sol corruption and computer resets and changes as well as finishing NReality twice.

The user 'Harveyy' is mam's younger brother and is widely regarded as irritating and incompetent.


mammaletto has 197 listed maps on NUMA, 97 of which are rated. These include two featured and twelve bitesized maps. All but three of his maps were submitted between August 2006 and October 2008. A map of his, Genetics , was inculded in the Nintendo DS version of N+ as a result of the metanet-run mapping competition SUBLiME .

Contests and TournamentsEdit

mam has placed in a number of forum contests, including 1st place in the original BLUR , beating xaelar in the final round; 3rd place in ska's contest: Elimination 2 ; 1st place in EXCEL and N Idol and 2nd in the Series Contest.

As well as being a solid competitor, mam organised The Weekly Gangwar and The Weekly Gangwar II as well as a couple of other contests of lesser note.

He was the 2nd person to complete the N 2.0 beta behind ska.


mammaletto has never spent much time competing on the conventional highscore boards, preferring the lower demo standards and greater variety of NUMA to Metanet maps. He had some 0ths on the NReality legit mode server when it was first released, but almost all of these have been pushed off the top-20 leaderboards.

Highscore statistics for mammaletto as of 18 October 2012:

Number of top-20 highscores: 7 (ranked #110)

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