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Maniac joined the forums on July 12, 2004. To give a good sense of how long ago that was, that was when N 1.2 was the new version, and highscores weren't even implemented yet.

Maniac quickly made himself rather liked within the community due mostly to not being stupid, and also contributing in each of his posts and outputting an upbeat attitude. He also introduced the NEHS to the community. However, he was still a very bad mapmaker - his first map ever (which was also his entry in NedCon2), Chaingun Frenzy, was long, tedious, and broken! It's fixed now and still playable at that link.

Maniac gradually improved his skills with tips from the likes of Maximo and Tsukatu. On the forums, Maniac gradually became more cynical and realistic due to viewing Brickman as his sole idol.

On June 21, 2005, Maniac joined the MetaNet staff at the Metanet Software Forums as the moderator of the Messageboard Games section, due mostly to him participating a lot in that section and Tsukatu off-handedly remarking "It's great fun to see him standing in a thread and agreeing with whomever last posted..."

Maniac is known as "Maniak" on NUMA, for no reason other than the fact that Maniac decided to use "Maniak" as his highscores account. On the day that NUMA switched to using highscores accounts as NUMA accounts, Maniac had to email Arachnid and move all of his maps previously under Maniac over to the Maniak account.

As the months passed, Maniac continued to contribute more and better maps to NUMA, as well as generally being a great member of the community and helping new people. On May 29, 2006, Maniac took on moderatorship of the Images forum and its child subsection N Images. When Keron Cyst put into effect his Psychological Defense on June 17, 2006, he made Maniac (as well as several other moderators) global moderators on the forums.

Maniac currently has over 400 maps posted on NUMA.

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