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Map data refers to the data generated by Ned when you create a map. Also known as level data.

Structure[edit | edit source]

The map data is divided by a pipe (|) into two parts: The first parts contains information about the tile data, the second part describes the objects, enemies, etc.

Tiles[edit | edit source]

Each one of the 713 tiles (31 tiles wide and 23 tiles high) is represented by one ASCII character. For example, "0" represents a D tile, and "1" represents an E tile.

Objects[edit | edit source]

The objects are separated by exclamation marks. The data for one object consists of numbers, which are separated by commas. The first number represents the object type, e.g. 5 for the ninja, 0 for a piece of gold, or 6 for a drone (all types). The following two numbers are the X and Y coordinate of the object.

In addition to these 3 parameters, more parameters can be added to describe the object, if necessary. For example, some parameters added to the data of drone describe its type (laser, zap, chaingun), its starting direction, its pathfinding algorithm, and so on.

If a parameter is not a number, it is replaced with NaN when the map is loaded.

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