Maxson924 is a well known author and former reviewer. He is an active member on NUMA, the forums and irc.

Early Days[]

Maxson submitted his first map on 11th October 2008 and joined the forums on 4th December the same year. He quickly established himself as a friend to many and a great poster of constructive criticism. He was granted reviewer status in the early months of 2009.

Later mapping and success[]

Between his 1st and 100th map, maxson greatly improved his mapping skills and maintained a healthy mix of disabled and enabled ratings on his maps. His 104th map, Circuit, was featured on 12th June by CaptainPolio. Although it divided critics, most agreed that maxson deserved a feature by that time in one form or another.

On 9th July, maxson announced he was quitting mapping due to the fact that "relatively few people seem to enjoy them". This provoked a unanimous response for him to continue mapping from many people, including long time friends Riobe and Leaff. Nevertheless, his output of maps has significantly decreased since then.

Just over a week later, on 17th July, maxson asked for his reviewer status to be revoked as he didn't "have the will to review maps anymore".

On 19th August, maxson announced that he would soon be releasing a mappack entitled Chord. He released a preview for the mappack on the same day, having created the profile Chord in order to release his mappack onto NUMA. He released the mappack on the forums on the following day.

External Links[]

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