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McP3000 was a mapmaker and an active member of the Metanet Forums, who was recently banned for making death threats. His maps on Numa,which can be found here, have an average rating of four. This member is also a male model. This male modeling job is open for interpretation of his sexuality.

McP3000 lives in Texas, and successfully ran the Self-Signature Contest with the help of Kamikaze3000. He is currently participating in the Underworld Series.

McP, as he was commonly known around the community, is an interesting member of the community. He loves to have fun around Metanet, and often creates fun topics, such as his RPG, "McP's whorehouse". As stated above, McP lives in Texas. He also plays the American pastime, baseball. One of McP's interests is sex. Although he is almost always kidding, some members grow tired of his antics. Those members are tight-asses and need to calm down. Other than that, McP is pretty normal.

One of McP's best friends was Obby. Both members joined on the same day, and have almost the same amount of posts. Both are juniors in highschool(grade 11). Obby and McP often support each other on the forum, and get along fabulously. Another good friend of McP is Yahoozy Guacamole.

McP has an extensive history with NUMA. He was consistantly one of the better map makers, and often turns out mesmerizing works. He will often take place in whatever tournament is going on in Metanet. His average rating is above normal on NUMA, and he likes it that way.

Not a whole lot was known about McP, other than he lives in Texas. He was often trying to get a good relationship going, and with some help from a certain fellow member, he was achieving it. With is nice outward personality, McP can be himself and fit in with any community. As he has done here at Metanet. In his early days, McP was known to spam, but he has since stopped, and turned spam into comedy, much to the pleasure to fellow members. You can find McP all over the forum, interjecting his quirky comments, and generally having fun.

Example of McP's black humor: "ska, not all Canadians are gay; some are bisexual."

Level PackEdit

He has been involved in the following 8 packs

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