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Memoirs (also known as Memoirs of the Ancients or MoA) is a map-pack originally conceived by ChaoStar that is an attempt to record the legacy of the mapmakers of the '06-'09 era of mapmakers for future mapmakers and Metanetters. The mappack was never officially finished, but its maps were released as an unsorted collection in November 2012,[1] nearly four years after the pack was begun.

Basically, the MoA mappack is another Legacy Project, but it involved the 2006-2009 generations of mapmakers. A forum topic[2] was created to recruit members, and the leaders of the project (sidke, ChaoStar, and KlanKaos) developed a website[3] to allow people to submit their maps without having to go through NUMA. In order for maps to be accepted into the pack, they had to be submitted to the MOA website and receive majority approval from a certain number of designated judges.

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