Meta_Ing (also called Meta, M_I or Xse on IRC) is a well known, Dronie-winningN 1.4 speedrunner and highscorer who specialises in finding ways to cheat maps. He is best known for highscoring and speedrunning NUMA maps but has recently starting highscoring the original Metanet levels as well.


Meta_Ing rarely plays using frame-by-frame (FBF). The only time he ever uses it is occasionally during playtesting to see if a "to-the frame" part is actually possible, or to get a more in-depth look at some demos. Despite these two things, every demo that he has submitted and ever will submit will always be non-FBF.

He is known for being able to pull off several "tricks" (though not always consistently), such as: half tile corner jumps, scaling walls laced with mines placed one tile apart (as seen in his 51-0 highscore), and the "79-4 double". (to name a few) He often uses these and other tricks to create the challenges in his simple-challenge series, simple-challenge-esque or to check for cheatability in others' maps. Meta_Ing also made the jump between two launchpads at full speed famous as in his 89-2 speedrun.

Although he only started highscoring/speedrunning from around the middle of 2008, Meta_Ing was nominated for The Dronies 2008 N Player of the year. (He came in 2nd place, receiving half the number of votes that xaelar did). Later, in 2009, he was awarded with the Dronie for Player of the Year 2009. He also won run of the year 2010 for his gravity defying highscore 0th run on 51-0 which as of 4 September 2013, is held by macrohenry.

Meta_Ing is almost always willing to playtest maps, especially to inspect for cheatability.

Highscores statistics for Meta_Ing as of August 27 2013:

Number of 0ths: 1 (ranked #22)

Number of top-20 highscores: 11 (ranked #81)


Besides simple-challenges, Meta_Ing has also made several other types of maps. He is probably best known for his tilesets and his featured map, Count to "Q". A lot of his maps are considered to be too difficult for the majority of NUMA-goers, but he has created some easier levels as well. He also makes NReality maps which feature mods such as changing the physics of the ninja & other objects.

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