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Metanet Bitesized is an idea for a levelpack started by 29403. The premise of the mappack is to take the 500 levels included in N 1.4, and make miniature versions of them. The project originally started off at a rather fast pace, has since fallen by the wayside. But it has been kicked up again.No progress had been made for almost a year before the most recent revival. Information and updates can all be found in the thread on the forums. As of the last update, 168 levels have been made, with 332 left to complete. However, this is an inaccurate number, as there have been several contributions made since the last update.


While 29403 has made many of the MetaBite maps himself, 500 is a great many to make. Due to this, he has asked for anybody to come and make a few levels. To date, many people have answered this call.

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