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Mines are by far the most common enemy in N. They stay innocently in one spot, until you touch them... and then they explode, blowing you into five lifeless limbs.


Most situations dealing with mines will have you finding a way through or around them. Look at 80-4: Pipes by Lancer0 and 89-4: Mount Doom by maximo to see examples of mass mines leading to frustrating situations. On NUMA, players may create "mine jumpers", maps that are based on jumping through mines galore.

  • 89-4: Mount Doom by maximo

Mines can also make effective barricades. A well-placed mine or group of mines will force the player to take a different route. For example, in 05-4: Castle/Basement, you mostly likely will have to traverse the right corridor with a floorguard due to a single mine blocking the way. It is possible, however, to jump over the mine.

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