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Mr_Lim is an Australian highscorer who began his quick rise to highscoring dominance around 2007 just after the 'golden age' of highscoring had passed, beginning with his assault of 0ths on episode 57. Mr_Lim submitted many amazing and innovative highscore runs which eventually propelled him to be the highest rankest player in the world for a considerable amount of time, before his eventual retirement a couple of years later and, as of the 19th of June, 2010, he still holds 92 0th scores (ranked 2nd, behind vankusss and xaelar along with 545/600 Top 20 highscores (Ranked 3rd), although at one point he had 598 scores with just 2 missing Top-20 scores: 59-0 and 92-4, with the former being essentially impossible to obtain. Famous for his innovation on 78-3; once the largest difference between a 0th and 1st place-getter. He also used to hold all the 0th scores for a single episode (episode 57, amongst others), but the episode clean sweeps have since been broken by arch-rival, xaelar. According to "ska's list of most influential N players of all time", Mr_Lim was ranked 0th.

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