N is an award-winning freeware Macromedia Flash computer game developed by Metanet Software. It is inspired in part by Lode Runner, but features a realistic physics engine. The name is derived from "The Way of the Ninja", which is described in the background story. N features a ninja, who is the player-controlled character in the game.

N is composed of episodes, each featuring five levels, numbered 0 through 4. As of version 1.4, the game contains 500 levels. The goal of each level is to trigger the switch and exit through the door that it opens, before the 90-second time limit is up. Some levels have more than one exit and associated switch.

The challenge is navigating the level and making it to the exit door while avoiding the various enemies and obstacles in your way.

Along with all of these new episodes comes a feature that adds support for your own levels, known as userlevels. There are a number of maps that are default, and given to you once you get the game. You can add maps into that database using a .txt document that comes with it. With this feature, you can play any map in the normal game mode.

The game save data is saved on an automatically-created .sol file, which should usually be left unedited. In subsequent versions, your progress is saved via methods such as your login details or profile (such as Steam for N++).