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Changes from N Edit

N+ is a console port of the original version of N, which has been released on Nintendo DS, Sony PSP and Xbox Live Arcade. The three versions all differ slightly from each other; mostly to do with the levels included in the game. As well as these minor differences between versions, they greatly differ from the original game from which it was designed. The physics are also very different; for instance, the ninja feels 'stickier' in N+, and bounceblocks act differently. As well as this, the rocket in N+ is faster and has a much sharper turning circle.


The levels in N+ are comprised of user-made levels selected from the N Community; found through a competition called SUBLiME. Essentially, the creaters of N and N+ selected what they perceived as the highest quality maps from the competition and included them in the game. Despite this, however, some of the maps were deemed to have edits needed, and thus some of final levels do differ slightly from those that were originally submitted.

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