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User language templates (also called babels) aid multilingual communication by making it easier to contact someone who speaks a certain language. The idea originated on the Wikimedia Commons and has also been implemented on Meta-Wiki and some of the other Wikipedias, to varying extents. To participate, you can add the Babel template to your user page by following these instructions:

  • Start off with {{Babel-
  • Then add the number of language templates you want to display, followed by |
    • e.g. {{Babel-2| for two languages, {{Babel-3| for three
  • Next add one of the following codes for each language you speak, separated by |, where xx is the Babel code for the language (printed bold in the list at the bottom of this page):
    • xx-1 for basic command (the ability to understand the language well enough to use an article as a source for writings in one's own language and to ask or answer simple questions)
    • xx-2 ability to modify articles and to participate in discussions
    • xx-3 for advanced or fluent understanding (the ability to write articles in this language without difficulties, minor errors may occur)
    • xx-4 if you have a grasp of the language comparable to a native speaker, but are not a native speaker
    • xx if you're a native speaker
  • Then finish by adding closing braces: }}

en This user is a native speaker of English.
de-2 Dieser Benutzer hat fortgeschrittene Deutschkenntnisse.

For example, {{Babel-2|en|de-2}} creates a babel as the one on the right. It means that this user speaks English natively and is able to contribute with an intermediate level of German.

The following languages are currently available(Babel codes are printed bold):

  • en - English
  • de - German
  • es - Spanish
  • fr - French

If you want Babels for other languages, or if you have more than 5 languages to include on your Babel, please contact Lord of Destiny, Scott5114 or Maniac, who take care of the Babel templates.

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