1. To create a demo, first download Eeyore's level data program, and to find the level you are trying to make a demo for.
  2. Go to debug mode, and copy the level's source code into the top right box.
  3. Record by pressing 1.
  4. Beat the level. Try to avoid using complicated maneuvers, in order to keep it simple for less experienced players.
  5. Copy the demo data in the bottom right box, and put it into userlevel format (see manual).

On the wiki[]

  1. Go to the demo page, located at EE-L/Demo, replacing EE and L with the episode and level. Most likely, the page hasn't been created yet, so create it.
  2. Add (do NOT neglect the < nowiki > tags)
    {{subst:Demo|e=EE|l=L|d1=<nowiki>DEMO CODE</nowiki>}}
  3. Preview to make sure everything is correct, then Save!
  4. Go back to the level page and make sure that the demo link has appeared on the infobox of the level page. If it hasn't, double check that you went to EE-L/Demo, and have the capitalization etc. correct on the title. If it isn't, move it to the correct page.

To speed up the process, there is a script (in JavaScript) available to quicken the process. Navigate to User:USERNAME/monobook.js, and copy the following line with no altering:


The wikia spam filter will often block demos if they have excessive 0s in a row. It is possible to circumvent this but sticking in random tags everywhere to disrupt it; for example, see the source code for 00-1/Demo.


To use a demo,

  • If you have v1.4, just go to Userlevels (on the main menu), then paste the code into the Replay Box at the bottom left corner. Then, click on Watch Replay.