This is the new category system with proper naming policies and with all the extras taken away. If you would like to propose a new category, do so at the talk page.


  • Naming:
    • Category names will begin a capital and every other word will not be capitalized. (ex: Map design, Game elements)
    • Category names should be plural when applicable (ex: Objects, Levels)
  • It is not necessary to have categories with nothing but other categories in them. It is too abstract for a wiki of this size. Keep in mind that all the categories will be contained within Special:Categories.
  • Tags within the people category (except for “Player” of course) should be reserved for people of note.
  • Many of the categories that would be contained within the wiki category are either accessible through the main page or the special pages.

The System[]

For a summary of the category and examples of what belongs in it, view the category page.