NReality is a fan-made mod for N 1.4, first released by Unreality in 2007, and which is downloadable on his website. His description of it is shown below, and more information can be found on its thread in the forums. Unreality won the award for fan program of the year at the 2007 Dronies with a landslide for NReality.

NReality includes an additional 100 episodes that have been added to the game. It has added two new modes for the game: speedrun mode & underclock (slowdown) mode. It blocks the direct usage of speedhack, allowing user to prove their legitimacy. It supports online level highscore recovery (by ctrl-clicking your online score).

In version v4, L3X proved via private message to Unreality that it was still hackable, so he made further improvements and, with the release of v5a, he cleared infunity's leaderboards. A distinction was made between 'legit' and 'non-legit' (or, more precisely, unconfirmed) runs, whereupon anything using v4 or earlier was 'non-legit', because the speedhack protection was proven to be untrustworthy, and anything using v5a or later was declared 'legit'. On the infunity server, all runs that are 'legit' are automatically placed higher than 'non-legit' runs, and the 'non-legit' runs are designated by having a '.' in front of them.

Unreality has added new features since it was first released. One of the most recent versions has the following updates:

Image map

"nReality Matters" by miststalker06 is an example of an image map.

It allows for the use of foreground and background images in maps, such as the one in "nReality Matters" by miststalker06. It can change variables associated with the in-game objects, such as gravity , the amount of jumps that can be taken before hitting a surface, the ninja's size, and the zap drones' speed.

It also has a number of new enemy types, including many new drone types and wall/ceiling guards. See Mod Master for help on creating levels for use in NReality. As of July 25, 2018, the most recent stable release is 7.2.

6g included a 'ghost mode' which allows players to pit their runs against highscorers, for instance, or their own runs, or simply to compare two different runs to see where improvements can be made. Version 7, with the work of sidke, saw fully fledged compatibility with Adobe Flash Player 11, which allowed many users who had previously found NReality to be affected by lag (especially Windows Vista, 7, and 8 users), to instead have the game run at a consistently smooth frame rate.