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NTTS is the most famous highscoring contest for N. The name is an acronym for "NUMA Time Trial Society". The contest was founded by Kablizzy, who wanted "to encourage forum members to play more user-made maps through Numa". The basic premise has always been the same, but the specific rules have changed a lot from season to season.

Overview Edit

An NTTS season is supposed to be 10 weeks long. Every week, competitors play a specific map and make a demo for it. The demos are rated by judges and sorted by time. Players are assigned points, depending on how highly it is ranked, and these points are accumulated throughout the whole season.

NTTS 1 Edit

The first NTTS was started in September 2004 and finished in January 2005. The rules were much more complicated compared to NTTS 2 or 3. There were more judges and more categories: Speed, Creativity, Completion and Style/Entertainment.

This season was won by LittleViking001.

NTTS 2 Edit

The second NTTS was started in May 2005 by Daddaluma. The rules were simplified with the removal of the Completion and Creativity categories.

Unfortunatly, Daddaluma wasn't able to run the contest after the fourth week and the contest stopped. Still, it was clear that trib4lmaniac would have won, and he was declared the winner by Daddaluma before NTTS 3 started.

NTTS 3 Edit

The third NTTS was started by spect in April 2006 and finished in June 2006. The judges were krusch, KinGAleX and spect.

Although it seemed quite similar to NTTS 2, it had a lot of differences. The choice of maps was the most important difference: they were chosen by the Legacy Team, and they all came from the Legacy level-pack. The demos were submitted to spect via private message, so it wasn't possible to copy routes.

Scoring changes Edit

The rating system was completely changed. In NTTS 2, Style points were given to the first five (10, 8, 6, 4 and 2 points each) and Speed/Time points were give to the first three (5, 3 and 1 points each). In NTTS 3, this was more balanced. Style and Speed/Time both gave 5 points for the best, 4 for the second, 3 for the third and so on.

Results Edit

The winner of this Season was cyberjuda, closely followed by jg9000. Toshosoft reached third.

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